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Discovery Financial is an established insurance broker in Yorkshire offering a wide variety of insurance products from its base in Bingley to the north of the UK. Operating its services either face to face or remotely. We have built a good reputation for providing excellent customer service.

Our insurance advice with no obligation. We can offer protection quotes in many areas to suit any budget. The main areas we offer advice in, are Life insurance, Critical illness cover, Family income benefit, Income protection and the whole of life insurance.

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life insurance cover

Life insurance pays out a lump sum on the death of the life insured. Normally taken to cover debts and to financially protect loved ones

Mortgage life insurance

A decreasing insurance payout, in-line with your outstanding repayment mortgage amount.

Critical illness cover

Critical illness cover, pays out a lump sum upon diagnosis of a qualifying critical/serious illness. This can be taken to repay your mortgage and/or to provide a lump sum to help support you and your family at diagnosis.

Income Protection

Protecting income is something that is recommended as most employers will pay little to no sick pay. How would you continue to pay your household bills?

Family Income Benefit​

Leave behind a regular income to your family, to ensure your loved ones are financially secure to do the things in life you would want them to do

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You may need life insurance for many reasons. Life insurance pays out a lump sum to a chosen person upon the individual passing away. This could be linked to a debtor simply to financially support an individual should you not be here to do so. Life insurance can be linked to paying off your mortgage, this is called leaving a debt-free estate and could be so that you family can live debt-free in the family home, or to prevent your next of kin having to find a buyer fast to pay off the mortgage. It could be that you want to leave a lump behind to your children to pay for university, wedding or to help towards buying their first home.

It typically pays out a lump sum that can be used to help your dependants clear your mortgage if you die. This type of life insurance is often sold as a ‘decreasing-term’ policy, which means that as you gradually pay off your mortgage, your pay-out also reduces over time.

Level term insurance designed to be a fixed amount of money to pay out on death to your chosen beneficiary.  Normally used to provide financial support to loved ones over and a above a policy designed to repay debts.  Or this can be used to cover an interest-only mortgage. 

Critical illness cover like life insurance can be taken out for a few reasons. Critical illness cover pays out a lump sum in the event of you or your children being diagnosed with a serious/critical illness, the common perception is that it only pays out if what you are diagnosed with may result in death. However, this is not true, critical illness insurance can cover a multitude of areas, from major surgery to caring for loved ones, as well as offering professional medical advice and council support. Critical illness cover can be taken to cover a debt or to pay out a lump sum to support you and your family in the event of becoming critically ill. Cancer, Heart attack, Stroke, Multiple sclerosis and Brain Tumours are to name but a few of the critical illnesses you may be insured against. In a world where medicine is becoming more advance and people are living longer, critical illness sadly plays a part in many people’s lives. This cover aims to allow the person to pay debts off or/and leave money in the bank to allow them to live comfortably whilst they concentrate on fighting their illness.

Do you know what sick pay you would get through work? If not, why not? This is something everybody needs to understand. With most companies in the private sector paying little to no sick pay, you would have to rely on the state to help.

Unfortunately, the state will normally offer a limited amount of cover through SSP (statutory sick pay) this in most cases not being enough to cover your mortgage or rent. Income protection is designed to fix this problem. It is a very personal and flexible insurance that can be set up to match your situation, be it your own occupation to your own level of sick pay. With most families only being able to cover their bills for 2 months when their income drops/stops. Are you certain how long you could last before falling behind on bills

Designed to cover in situations where you lose a loved one, family income benefit is a great way to ensure you do not suffer what most do when a loved one is lost. Most households become accustomed to 2 salaries when a loved one dies this normally becomes one. So, paying off your mortgage hopefully is something you have already taken care of. But can you now cope with just one income moving forward?

With other household bills still to pay, school uniforms to buy and the need to get away on a family holiday every so often, this insurance can leave behind a regular income, so the only hole left is that of an emotional loss not of a financial loss too.