We advise that you need to understand your situation before setting your heart on anything, therefore it is always best to speak with us first. That way we can ensure you head in the right direction.

Getting a mortgage can be complex, here at Discovery Financial we want to maximize the chances of getting the right mortgage for you and want to help you get the very best deal possible.

As part of our initial appointment we will talk to you about the entire process, highlighting what will happen and at what point, this includes discussing what fees you may come across along the way.

It is possible to still get a mortgage, it all depends what issues you have had. We recommend a call to us and we can talk in a little more detail about these issues.

We will not charge you a fee for our services relating to insurance, but we will receive commission from the product provider. 

For our advice services, we will charge a fee of between £549 and £999. A standard fee will be charged at £549, in the event of a more complex case, such as adverse credit or specialist lending, we may charge up to £999. This charge will be reflected on having to deal with more parties or spend more time on more complex cases.

The fee is payable on application. You will not receive a refund if your mortgage or loan does not go ahead.