Being a home mover

Moving home can be an exciting time but often it is a stressful time. Having a sale and a purchase to deal with, as well as thinking about the move itself and continuing with everyday life to make the move possible. The big question most people have is.

Where do I start?

We recommend taking advantage of our cost of moving appointment. This is with our expert Ben, who has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this having worked for many years in the estate agent world. The cost of moving appointment is designed to help you better understand what needs to come first.

What we will cover in this meeting

– What does selling your house look like and when should you look to start advertising.
– What costs are associated with selling. Once you have taken into account the cost of moving and funds needed once you move in. What are you left with to put down as a deposit.
– What does the selling and buying process look like. In what order do we need to make things happen.
– What can I afford onwards, understanding your maximums and more importantly what that will cost per month will help you plan what houses you should be viewing.
– Giving you the tools to comfortably view houses and evidence you can afford them.

Porting your existing mortgage

It may be you are already tied into a product with your current provider, it is then presumed that you need to approach them direct. This may not be the case, many deals in the market are portable but did you know that we can not only help with porting, but take the opportunity to compare this with other deals in the market to ensure porting is the best route forward.

We work independently to any estate agent, so the advice we offer at Discovery Financial is with your best interests in mind. Whether you are selling in Yorkshire and moving to London or buying the house next door, our approach is tailored and specific to you and your situation.

Call today to book a cost of moving appointment with one of our experts